Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Almost Made It!

Almost made it through the holidays! Had a GREAT Thanksgiving week and weekend, except Alabama lost, and ended it with a visit to the hospital. Not fun! Got a new puppy, named Ellie, that we adopted on Saturday and got to be with her Saturday night and during the night T got sick and started running a fever. So we got up and went to the hospital and he got out yesterday. Not really sure what caused it but we think between being with all the people this past Thanksgiving and the ball game, he came in contact with something! They filled him full of antibiotics and fluids and he feels much better. His blood pressure was SO low! 85/34 not good either! They did all kinds of tests but came up with nothing! He is their mystery child! Did not want to end our holiday weekend like that but didn't have much of a choice! Christmas isn't far away and look forward to it! Going to be more careful about being around crowds! Hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!! Hugs and kisses to you all!XOXOXOXOXO!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Terry went to the eye doctor yesterday and did not get the news he wanted to hear! He has been having lots of problems with his eyes. If you look at a picture before leukemia and after leukemia, you can see a difference! Didn't realize this until yesterday! The eye doctor told him that most likely the GVHD is staying at low bay in his eyes still. The lids are scratching his eyes. They are like fine sandpaper inside of them. Doctor Parker says this is most likely because of GVHD although he doesn't see it. Don't know what this means really until we see the doctor when he goes back to the BMT. I've got to call Lidia to see if she has heard from Dr. Parker yet to see if they want to see him. He is not a happy camper! BUT, like I told him it could be worse! May have to live with this the rest of his life! Lots of bone marrow patients do. They just stay on the immune suppression meds. Not much else except steroids which the eye doc gave him to use. Will let you all know as soon as we know what they are or are not going to do. Please pray it goes away! We know his eye sight will never be the same. He had GREAT vision! God Bless You! XOXOXOXOXO

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Again too long since last post!

SOSOSOSOSO sorry its been so long since I posted anything! I was reminded that I still need to do this! Thanks Kay! We did go to North Carolina to visit K & G but did not fly! We drove! Long trip but well worth it! Had a great 4 day visit with them and now she is home with us. Garrett had to go out with his company for the week and she decided to come home while he was doing it. We have had a GREAT time with her and Harlie here this week! T went to photopheresis today and they did not take him off his immune suppression. They want him to go to the eye doctor to make sure he does not have the GVHD in them first. He has been feeling pretty good and fishing when he can of course! Not a whole lot to report thank goodness! The holidays will be here before we know it and we will be celebrating another year together. In January it will be 4 years since he was diagnosed with Leukemia. CANNOT believe that! Then in May two things, 1st wedding anniversary for K & G and we will celebrate T's 4th birthday!!!!! He goes back tomorrow for photo and we think since he has been doing this the GVHD will stay away. But there is always the chance it will rare it's ugly head! The rest of his life! We will just cherish the days we have gotten to spend with each other and look to the future! We lost our preacher this past week and he was one of our rocks during T's illness. He went to get his reward that he has been working towards all of his life! He is in heaven now looking down on us and watching over us as one of our angels. Jerry Jenkins will be GREATLY missed!!!! We love you all who are still keeping up with us and send XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sorry So Long To Write!

I can't believe a month has gone by and I haven't posted anything! Time is flying! Not much has been happening since his bacterial infection thank goodness! He did go for photopheresis but they did not bring him down off any suppression meds. I got it approved for him to go Las Vegas with me last weekend but after the trip he was dehydrated and had to go get fluids. So Lidia was NOT happy! We are supposed to go to North Carolina in two weeks so hopefully he will be doing better and she will let him go! I sure hope so! Kristina's 25th birthday is today and I am really missing her! Garrett is making sure she has a good day though so knowing he is taking care of her makes me feel better! Garrett's is Oct 30th so when we go up there we will be celebrating both birthday's!!! We had to put our dog Jake down and she did get to come home to help us with that, and made it alot easier! Its so hard to let go of pets especially when he has been there for us through everything we have been going through! He was our protection coming home from the hospital at night, his tail wagging happy to see you and watching your back! Now he is in doggy heaven with Pebbles, who we lost during T's transplant. We will miss him dearly! Kristina told me Garrett maybe going to Afganistan in November Friday night! Please pray for his safety when the time comes! We love you and forgive me for not posting anything for so long! God Bless You!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, another bump in the road on the way to recovery! Our anniversary was Friday and we spent the day in the new boat on Lake Guntersville! It was SOSOSOSO nice! 27 years! Oh, Rick and Karen, Butch and Jackie "Happy Anniversary to you too"!!! They both have alot years on us! We had noticed several little bumps had developed on the side of his head but didn't really pay much attention until yesterday morning. When he woke up I could tell it had spread on the whole side of his head. I called the BMT unit of course and they said to come in and let them look at it. Shingles, is the diagnosis. Alot of post-transplant patients get this and it is very serious! They didn't admit him but gave him some heavy duty antibiotics and pain meds to help make him comfortable. We were afraid it was GVHD, just didn't know what it looked like. I guess out of the two we'd rather it be shingles. We were supposed to go to a Tarrant high school small reunion but was told not a good idea. If he is contagious, it could make others sick. Of course, I googled it and we learned alot about it. Hopefully we have caught it in time for it not to get to bad. Alot of people have this, you just don't know it. Otherwise, he is doing really good. He goes for photopheresis this next week but don't know if they will reduce the immune meds since this is going on, my guess is they will not. They don't usually when there are problems and don't want to make any other problems arise by taking off medicine. I will update after his visit this week, I promise! Watching our preacher on TV and going to listen to the service live on the computer. We love you and send out hugs and kisses to everyone!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hospital Visit

Well, instead of going to church, we went to the hospital. He has a bacterial infection in his throat. He could hardly swallow early Sunday morning. They gave him fluids and a shot and antibiotics to take and so far they are working. If I can just keep him out of this heat! Not an easy task! Just wanted to update everyone! Sorry, could have been better news. Everyone pray for the Sharon Owens family! She lives two doors down from us and she developed a brain tumor last summer. She fell at the pool and Garrett picked her up to make sure she was ok. They started doing tests and discovered the tumor. She made us home-made bread when Terry was re-cooperating at home and she was such a sweet lady! She passed away yesterday morning, a year from the time the tumor was discovered. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers! Hugs and kisses!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Great News!

I am so sorry for not updating earlier! I was reminded last night that it had been a while since an update had been done. Thanks Mike and Steve! T went to the doctor for photopheresis this past week and they took him off 25 mg more of the immune meds. So he is only taking 25mg in the AM and 25mg in the PM. Still on other meds but this is the one we want to come totally off of. Got a new photo schedule through December so we know that will be going on until then and possibly a long time after that, even the rest of his life. But rather do that than face other things that could happen! Kristina, Garrett and Harli are adjusting to their new life in North Carolina. Miss them greatly! Will have to make a trip sooner than I thought! T is fishing in his new boat and hopefully will be able to go back to work soon! Just gotta stay out of this heat! His doctor was very pleased with is progress and hope he will continue to grow stronger and GVHD stays away. We are almost at the point where we were before when he got the GVHD and that is when he started the photo process. So hopefully continuing the photo will make a BIG difference. God's grace and your prayers is what taking care of us all! We love you and BIG hugs and kisses to all of you!