Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Almost Made It!

Almost made it through the holidays! Had a GREAT Thanksgiving week and weekend, except Alabama lost, and ended it with a visit to the hospital. Not fun! Got a new puppy, named Ellie, that we adopted on Saturday and got to be with her Saturday night and during the night T got sick and started running a fever. So we got up and went to the hospital and he got out yesterday. Not really sure what caused it but we think between being with all the people this past Thanksgiving and the ball game, he came in contact with something! They filled him full of antibiotics and fluids and he feels much better. His blood pressure was SO low! 85/34 not good either! They did all kinds of tests but came up with nothing! He is their mystery child! Did not want to end our holiday weekend like that but didn't have much of a choice! Christmas isn't far away and look forward to it! Going to be more careful about being around crowds! Hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!! Hugs and kisses to you all!XOXOXOXOXO!!!

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